Customer Testimonials for Honest Autos

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Rebekah Thornell

My positive experience with Honest Autos began with my very first phone call to them. Logan, who became my salesman, was the first to speak to me about their dealership! The phrase he used that caught my attention was, “I’m going to work real hard for you! “And that’s exactly what he and everyone else at the dealership did for me. They found me a car that not only could I afford, but also met my needs and was pleasing to me. Each thing that I brought up that was a concern they (Logan, Gary and Byron) took seriously. It was as if they were my brothers and they wanted to fix anything that I found was a problem. I left with my car a day after I first looked at it with a smile on my face and self-confidence that it would last me for quite a while. I now have a dealership I can return to for service, or just to shoot the breeze with on occasion! Thanks everyone at Honest Autos! New owner 2005 Subaru Outback

Steve conde

Hello everybody I am Steve with honest autos. I know how hard it is to find a dealership that you feel like you can trust in fact most people still believe that there aren't any on the planet. And I don't blame them there are so many dealerships out there doing it wrong. I don't know why it's so hard for them to understand people are just looking for an honest deal. I have been selling cars since 2008 I am a certified Chrysler Dodge and Jeep salesperson as well as certified Hyundai. I have worked for the Giants in the car sales world and I have been doing this in a few different states. But I have struggled to find a dealership that would allow me to treat people with respect honesty and kindness. Until the day I found honest Autos, honest autos is the first five star dealership I have ever worked for. It is so hard for a dealership to obtain five stars and that only comes from a lifetime of good business and great morals. Honest Autos is the oldest independent used car dealership in Lake County almost 38 years of great customer service. And it is not only the greatest place to purchase an amazing automobile but it is also the greatest place that I have ever worked. And that's why I am personally giving honest autos five stars thank you honest autos for being brave enough to be one of a kind.

Jacob Colbert

Where to start, Honest Autos is just that, honest. I had an outstanding experience every step of the way, from seeing my options, test driving a car, financing options, to driving off the lot. Each person I dealt with was pleasurable, from Logen the Salesman, to Gary the Finance Manager, and ending with Byron, the owner. A very smooth and comfortable experience all around I will definitely return when it's time for my next car.

Dawn Tripp

Wonderful experience. Eric was great and helped us find the perfect car for our son. Byron was also one of the nicest people we have met. Definitely recommend them to all.

Hope Green

There. Honest. N. Amazing. People