Why We’re Different

Posted Tuesday, Feb 09, 2016

The staff at Honest Autos understand that today’s automobile buyer has access to more information and opportunities than ever before when it comes to buying a used vehicle.  Because of this, Honest Autos has many benefits that you won’t find at other dealerships. Here’s what make us different:

  1. Honest Autos has been in the auto business for 36 years and is the oldest independent dealership in Lake County, FL.
  2. Honest Autos reputation in the community for selling and loaning money on used cars is unmatched with consensus 5-star ratings on Google, Facebook, and the BBB.
  3. Honest Autos has a quality inspection process on every car sold provided to the purchaser.
  4. Honest Autos uses current market pricing achieved by using data from the largest and nationwide databases.
  5. Honest Autos does not sell rebuilt or salvage title vehicles.
  6. Honest Autos has the prices clearly marked on all vehicles.
  7. Honest Autos provides you with a Vehicle History Report showing the accident records and ownership history.
  8. Honest Autos welcomes a third party inspection on your vehicle choice.
  9. Honest Autos has a transparent and honest sales process that keeps the consumer informed and involved throughout the time that you are arranging your purchase.
  10. Honest Autos has no hidden fees.
  11. Honest Autos has Buy-Here, Pay-Here financing along with a full spectrum of bank financing options to meet any of your financing needs.
  12. Honest Autos changes customers lives by providing auto loans that sometimes they didn’t know were available.
  13. Honest Autos reports all Buy-Here, Pay-Here payments to the credit bureau to improve your credit as you make payments to Honest Autos.

We're here to answer any questions as we continue to strive to be "Your trusted resource" for automotive car buying. You can view our inventory anytime by visiting http://www.HonestAutos.com/.

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